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Tax Preparation Services

Tax Return Preparation

With so many options for doing your taxes, where do you begin to make your choice? Vanessa Freund, cpa makes the choice easier for you by offering income tax return preparation. Understanding tax liability and tax law changes are crucial to decreasing your taxes. While you may not have time to remain current on the direction your taxes are headed, we do! Knowledge of updates to tax laws, industry specifics, and a drive to help you succeed are all factors in what makes us great at offering tax return preparation!

Where to Begin – Let’s Look at Tax History

As your tax professionals, we'll look at your prior years returns to determine tax savings opportunities. We keep up with tax law changes to ensure that you benefits from all the tax incentives for which it qualifies as well as complying with any new requirements.

Your Specific Situation is Different

We offer tax preparation, advice and representation for individuals at all levels of complexity and income. We ensure that we understand all the details of your particular tax situation to deliver appropriate tax advice and solutions.

365 Days per Year

Our service goes beyond the traditional once a year tax preparation process. We keep you informed of changes of the tax situation throughout the year as new regulations develop.

Beyond preparing your taxes

In addition to preparing your taxes, we can help you with:

• IRS and state tax problem resolution and representation for tax returns we prepare

• Tax planning and projections for tax returns we prepare

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Tax Planning and Consulting

Every year it’s the same: Tax Time. Stressful? Yes. While we do not enjoy doing our taxes, let alone paying them, Vanessa Freund, cpa is here to make your financial life easier, which includes offering the service of tax planning and consulting to clients who we prepare their tax returns. Don’t get caught in the last-minute tax trap! Be prepared for what’s to come in the next tax season by taking full advantage of our tax planning and consulting services.

Decrease Tax Liability

Effective tax minimization begins with establishing long-term tax strategies and objectives and is maintained with consistent annual forecasting and mid-year tax planning.

Be Prepared – Don’t React – Stay Current on Tax Laws

We prefer to take a proactive instead of reactive approach to tax services, so we keep current on new tax laws and legislation which allows us identify key tax planning opportunities. We provide our individual and business clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve throughout the year.

Questions? – Plan Ahead!

We’ll help you plan and answer questions about the effects of withholdings, estimated taxes, investments, retirement contributions and distributions to minimize unpleasant surprises when filing your taxes. Tax planning and tax forecasting services for individual and business clients are some of our core competencies.

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Accounting Services

CFO & Accounting Services

Financial reporting and analysis can feel like a daunting task when it never ends. The truth is: financial reporting on a real-time basis is crucial to the success of any business. By taking advantage of our local accounting department outsourcing, you can minimize costs and gain efficiency. Have all of your accounting department and tax preparation and planning needs met in one place!

Cut Your Accounting Costs

We take a proactive approach to financial reporting. We use our years of expertise in managerial accounting to serve as your virtual accounting department, so you and your staff can concentrate on running your practice. Our digital accounting service packages include all the tasks that are traditionally performed by an "in-house" accounting department, but without the overhead costs and with the competence of our team of experts. 

Real-Time Accounting Data

When you take advantage of this service, your books will be maintained accurately and timely reflect real-time information that is relevant to make important decisions. You have instant access to all your financial data through our cloud based technology systems anywhere, anytime.

Accounting Services to Simplify Your Life

We help to simplify your life with our accounting service packages which include the following:

• Business processes and tax efficiency evaluation

• Financial systems implementation

• Detailed general ledger entries

• Tax return preparation and tax planning

• Financial statements preparation

We Know What We Are Talking About

Our years of experience and exposure to multiple business start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, improvement projects and succession planning has given us valuable insight in regard to numerous specialized areas.


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