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Tax Return Preparation

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With so many options for doing your taxes, where do you begin to make your choice? Vanessa Freund, cpa makes the choice easier for you by offering income tax return preparation. Understanding tax liability and tax law changes are crucial to decreasing your taxes. While you may not have time to remain current on the direction your taxes are headed, we do! Knowledge of updates to tax laws, industry specifics, and a drive to help you succeed are all factors in what makes us great at offering tax return preparation!

Where to Begin – Let’s Look at Tax History

As your tax professionals, we'll look at your prior years returns to determine tax savings opportunities. We keep up with tax law changes to ensure that you benefits from all the tax incentives for which it qualifies as well as complying with any new requirements.

Your Specific Situation is Different

We offer tax preparation, advice and representation for individuals at all levels of complexity and income. We ensure that we understand all the details of your particular tax situation to deliver appropriate tax advice and solutions.

365 Days per Year

Our service goes beyond the traditional once a year tax preparation process. We keep you informed of changes of the tax situation throughout the year as new regulations develop.

Beyond preparing your taxes

In addition to preparing your taxes, we can help you with:

• IRS and state tax problem resolution and representation for tax returns we prepare

• Tax planning and projections for tax returns we prepare

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