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New Business Advisory Services

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Vanessa Freund, cpa has years of experience that allow us to offer this most exciting service. Looking at all the numbers may seem frustrating at times, and understanding their value in helping you grow may require time that most business owners just don’t have. The need for time, expert knowledge, and understanding accounting language are all components that make this service so exciting for Vanessa Freund, cpa to be offering!

We Know What We Are Talking About

Our years of experience and exposure to multiple business start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, improvement projects and succession planning has given us valuable insight in regard to numerous specialized areas.

Business Start-Up Advice You Can Trust

We can guide you through the steps of starting a successful practice, growing your practice or developing an exit starategy. We can provide advice on the right choice of entity, the steps in starting your practice, reporting requirements and how to organize and operate your practice while providing expert answers to many other questions.

Remove Financial Roadblocks

If you are already in business, we can help you identify areas that are negatively affecting growth and profitability and develop practical solutions.

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